Monday 11 January 2016

Barbados Blogging

My last three posts have had references to summer and sunshine, sunlight and sea, and needing vitamin "sea" - they have also all had the label #Barbados for anyone who didn't guess, these were scheduled last week as I was away . . . In Barbados!
Oh my gosh, what an amazing holiday! Just one holiday pic - our beach, the beach bar and the sea as seen from our roof terrace!

What I would like to share are some pics of my holiday sewing and purchases!
I took a kantha project (see my Pinterest page if you want to see the inspiration) - well over 25 hours so far!

My poor finger suffered though - no thimble!
And I took my La Pass second cog - it's progressing!
We managed to find a fabric shop in Bridgetown, and bought some fairly thick fabrics, suitable for bags, plus some faux silk
That back fabric is really bizarre - cats in tutus, Penguins in clown boots, lips in window boxes - I wasn't going to buy it, but kept getting drawn back to it - just as well: Lisa has claimed it for the big cushion at the back of her bed!


  1. We have -17C with the windchill - I'd head to Barbados in a second if I could! Those 3 fabrics @ the bottom are pretty - especially that first one :) The back fabric is kinda making me glad I don't have my glasses on :D When I looked at the picture enlarged, I realized that there are squirrels with red wigs and glasses just hanging around, and that made me LOL :D

  2. Lucky girl enjoying warm days.Enjoy your goodies and have fun playing with those fabrics,the last one is an eye catching!

    Have a fun week.

  3. Woohoo! I'm glad you had a great time on your hoiday.

    Ouch, your poor finger! That is commitment.

    I love that crazy fabric!

  4. Well done on all the sewing, hope your poor finger recovers quickly and the rest of your body adapts to the horrible drop in temperature just as quickly x

  5. sewing went well whilst away it must have been pretty hot for stitching. Re the finger I bought a thimble from Empress Mills rubber the best purchase ever have tried all the others but this wins first prize

  6. Glad you had a great time and I hope the finger heals quick!

  7. I spotted my first fabric store yesterday but didn't stop as it's closest to our condo. No hurries.
    The Mai tai's seem to be more important.

  8. I'm glad you had a good time. It sounds amazing. You missed rain and rain and rain! I hope your finger soon recovers :)

  9. Sure you had an amazing holiday Benta. We went to Barbados on our honeymoon (too!) many moons ago, when deciding which cocktail to try next beat searching for fabric shops hands down. How times have changed :)


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