Friday 8 January 2016

Crafty Calendar

Niki's friend Polly is a teacher - a scary thought for those of us who have know here since she was 5, but these things happen!

She inherited a classroom with a lot of rubbish - but one of the things that survived a major clear out was this calendar

However, not only was it seriously out of date (see the years), but some numbers, most days and a season and a weather patch were replaced with either a laminated one, or a very basic stitched one

So I've embroidered the next six years

All the numbers

All the days

And the missing season and weather, so she and her mum can make new patches and recommission it

Rain and Winter - pah, can I choose Summer and Sunshine instead?


  1. This is a great updating of that calendar. And I love the weather patches. They remind me of those old TV forecasts - a sort of meteorological pin the tail on the donkey. I think we had better weather back then...

  2. Awwwwwwwwww that's going to be great for the classroom when it gets a little rejuvenating! LOL the old replacements for Winter and Rain were done by different people, I'm guessing ;)

  3. the children will love this when it is reinstalled in the classroom, you did a great job

  4. Such a great calendar and sure the children will love it

  5. That's really great! I like that you're using cursive script to.


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