Saturday 23 January 2016

Quilting For Cats

Our cats understand that they are not supposed to go on the sofas, but they are allowed to sit on quilts.  They use 'people' quilts but today I got the urge to make them one for themselves.

I had an orphan - Sizzix cut hexies and triangles that were machine joined about 18 months ago, then abandoned.

I sandwiched and quilted it: mostly straight line quilting, but with a detour to echo the coloured star shapes

And once it was bound it was immediately used!!!


  1. looking very much at home on this personal quilt, liking the pops of colour you have added a great cat quilt.

  2. Your cats know not to sit on the furniture?! That's hard enough with dogs!!

  3. Love,so beautiful.Lucky cat.Great job!

  4. That is beautiful. They are lucky cats :)

  5. Cats LOOOOVE quilts - I love to think that they can feel the labour and work that went into it :-)


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