Tuesday 2 February 2016

PinCushion Post

Sorry - grasping for alliteration this week!!!

I've been feeling bleugh for nearly a week -even had 4 days off work which is very unusual, but I'm on the mend now and will be back at work tomorrow.

Just as well as on Monday I'm teaching a pin cushion project to the Richmond and Kew Quilters.

And I'd really appreciate your help.  I've written out the instructions, but with a brain still addled with cough syrup, day nurse, night nurse and whatever other pills and potions I've been taking, these may not make sense to anyone not in the same happy place as me!

It's not rocket science, but I'd still rather hand out instructions that follow some sort of logic!

So this is the result,

And here are the instructions - pretty please, will you have a look and see if they make sense?


(PS, this post has had nearly ten times as many views as most of my posts - if you are new to this blog please do comment and say hello - and let me know how you found me :-)


  1. First off, I love that you managed to get this down on a single page. Well done, you!

    Direction 3: snip "where" on circle. 3" line in middle?
    and change snip curves to clip curves.(too many snips).

    Otherwise - it made sense. I should make one.
    Hope you're feeling more the thing soon.

  2. Useful and very cute.Thanks for the pattern and hope to do one .

    Have a fun week.

  3. Got it! Your directions were just fine. I like how the ribbon holds the little bobbins in place. Cute pattern :)

  4. Makes sense to me though I would probably put a few securing stitches between the cushion and the pockets.

  5. Oh ... if I didn't have a million already I would certainly make this one too! Excellent pattern. (Need more pins)X

  6. Wow. Great instructions from someone who has been sick - perfectly clear. The pictures really help, too.

  7. sonds good to me will have a go myself, bit confused though abit the spokes, you say to stitch 3/4" from edge but then stitch at end oh yes penny dropped!

  8. Thanks for the very clear instructions :-)

  9. Hi Benta,
    Found your blog via Plum. Here to see your tutorial....which I love!
    Will be back to visit again.
    Have a lovely Valentine's weekend!
    Barbara xx


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