Sunday 28 February 2016

Other People's Crafts (and One of Mine and a Question)

I've been really impressed with what some of my friends have been creating!

The lovely Tara from Crafty Church made these free motion raw edge applique blocks at a course in Dorking, at Gillian Gladrags

Lots of the Crafty Church ladies had a go at screen printing last week

And Jackie is making this fab quilt:- I LOVE the way the colours pop against the grey, I think I need to find my grey fabric!

And as for me, I *really* hope I've got this quilt right - after Ely's error I'm starting to doubt myself! A friend a school has a new grandson - I wrote the name down and got her to check it, and I've kept the paper safe to check against!

Inspired by Helen's quilting of her Christmas Cherry (over at Archie the Wonder Dog) I decided to quilt this in a sort of orange segment design

Maybe easier to see on the back?

 I'm really pleased with it - thanks for the idea Helen x

And finally - I went to my drawer of rainbow charm squares as I fancied starting something new . . . and  I found this message that I left for myself a while ago.  I'm guessing it's cutting info for a quilt top - anyone got ANY idea what I'm supposed to do next?


  1. I am the queen of random messages left. I'm pretty sure that if you cut your sandwiches in rectangles, as per the example on the right, you will get more pieces of the sandwich to give out. However, if you cut them out in wedge shapes, people will enjoy them more.

  2. Based on the shapes and measurements, I'm going to guess that you were going to join different coloured rectangle strips together to make one long 5 inch wide strip to cut wedges out of. How you were goinf to arrange those wedges, I have no idea, but here are some images that may refresh your memory...

  3. some great makes here. I like you write things down then wonder what is all this about!

  4. It must have made sense at the time Benta, but now it is anyone's guess :)

  5. HAHA @ Kathy's response! I would enjoy it more too, in a wedge shape - as long as it's egg salad or tuna, LOL!

    I have no idea about the message though - at first I thought maybe it was some kind of fan design, but the rectangle would seem to belie that idea!

  6. I have another idea... if you have the wedges in a background colour, such as grey, and then connect them to bright coloured rectangles, and flip the wedges so that they alternate (with one flaring to the right and the next flaring to the left), then you will end up with a row/column of diagonal coloured rectangles slopping in opposite directions. This reminds me of falling coins.

  7. Lol! I don't know what your 'message' means. I often find things like that myself :)

  8. I love sew with friends ,is amazing.There are beautiiful projects and sounds you have fun.Happy quilting!

  9. I love your quilting and thanks for the mention! As for the 'note', hmmm...were you looking to make strips of wedges? One wedge that way round, the next one flipped and then a straight piece in between? Keep hold of the note, maybe the explanation part of it will turn up!


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