Sunday 14 February 2016

More Making

Jackie and I managed lots more "what can we try next?" making today

We made a 'Tiny Box Zippy' each, although they aren't tiny - certainly big enough to be useful!

We finished frame pouches that we started yesterday

And we made triangular coin purses - these *are* small enough to be called 'tiny', and pulling a zip-pull off the zip teeth and then putting it back on was a bit scary!

Now Jackie has gone :-( abandoned me.  We've only got to wait until Easter when we'll meet up again - anybody got any ideas as to what we should make next?

Some bloggers seem to be missing off sections of instructions and / or measurements, so for my own sanity:

  • the strip added in photo 14 of the triangular coin purse measures 7 x 1.5 inches, and have the zip slightly open when you sew the last seam closed.  we use fusible fleece on the outer fabric
  • My framed pouch frames came from U-handbag, £3.75 a pair.  They measured appx 10 x 3" (actually 15" long) so the bag had to be cut 15.5 wide x  required depth (we used one piece of fabric not two, and cut to 15.5 x 15.5")  The zip needed to be >16"  We used fusible fleece on the outer fabric, and fusible interfacing inside the frame channels.  We box cut a 2" square (2" to the seam) and tried to remember to leave a turning hole in one lining side seam


  1. I love how you blog your notes.
    Obviously, you have outpaced me again pinning neato projects. And, I have to point out, you could have thrown some extra zipper pulls on your triangular pouch...just sayin'.

    Glad you and Jackie enjoyed her visit.

  2. (I tried posting a comment on your previous post, Benta - with the triple zip pouches - I got the post typed but it won't publish - I can't copy/paste what I typed because I can't figure out how to do it on this touch screen! All the projects on that post are great, and I'm not going to retype the comment, lol!

  3. I know a fun Easter project - I made about a dozen of them last year - bunny zipper pouches from the tutorial @! They're fun and wacky - I made them for all the kids :)

  4. so many useful and pretty things the pair of you have made, loving the little purses, think I will have to have a go, have made pin cushions this way so it is just putting in a zip

  5. When Jackie and you get together Benta, that sewing machine is on fire!


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