Wednesday 24 February 2016

Silk Purse? Or Sow's Ear?

You know the feeling- someone contacts you and the gist of the message is "you like sewing, I'll bring you some stuff".  Sometimes there is a lot of rubbish, or even all rubbish, but occasionally ...

The wooden box intrigued me - I love it

And inside one of the cardboard boxes was this gorgeous set

Other goodies included this bullet shaped and sized thing

But after a little wiggle it came apart to show this ...

And I've got two more boxes to sort as well!

This is definitely looking like a silk purse sort of goodie box!


  1. what a wonderful box you have so many lovely things definetely a silk purse, something tells me you will be in a hurry to get home from school today to carry on unpacking and revealing more treasures

  2. A fantastic box! How lovely, very kind of the person to think of you! I wonder what else you might find?
    Barbara xx

  3. OMG...what a treasure trove. How lucky you are and how generous of the donor to recognize that this box of 'stuff' might be meaningful to a sewer/quilter.

  4. Treasures.
    I'm always excited. I'm going to a sale this weekend where the ad mentioned two sewing machines (low end $), but I could get lucky on all the accessories.

  5. What treasure! Hope you have a lovely time going through it all.

  6. oh, love the wooden box, too. And that set of sewing implements is a beauty!

  7. oh, love the wooden box, too. And that set of sewing implements is a beauty!

    1. Thank you Lydia, they both feel lovely too!! Sorry but you are are no-reply commenter and I can't find your email so I can't reply direct. Thanks for visiting and commenting x


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