Saturday 20 February 2016

Sweat Shop and Sweet 16

I've been embroidering uniform for a local transport company.  Each item takes 7 minutes to embroider.  There is no point in going off and doing anything around the house as I'll need to be back soon; there is no point in starting anything new, as I'll get distracted and forget to set up the next item . . . so . . .

I dug out all my sweet 16 blocks (some of them shown here)

and started assembling them in strips.  Using my Quicker Than Quilt As You Go method I've got it started yesterday

And have them all assembled today

The embroidery?  Two big Ikea bags filled, another 14 items then I'm done!


  1. Wow, quick work on your quilt! Looks fabulous!

    Barbara xx

  2. must go and check out the link you have shared re quicker than quilt as you go sounds interesting, you will be glad when the factory work is finished and you can get back to some of your stitching

  3. Now that is definitely multi-tasking Benta :)

  4. Hi Benta! I love your little squares quilt here! Your quick method is really great! If I just didn't have those dog hairs - fleece backing is not possible even it would be so comfy. x Teje

  5. A very productive couple of days :-)

  6. You make it look too easy. Make those squares 2.5cm next time.
    Loveall the pops of color.

  7. Go Benta, Go Benta!!! That's a lovely looking quilt. The simple ones are so homely to look at.

  8. Hope you don't have to lift those Ikea bags!


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