Saturday 27 February 2016

More Goodies

I have managed to look at all the goodies in the donated boxes: hope you are ready for a few photos!

LOTS of white buttons - some beautiful mother-of-pearl type

And sufficient to nearly refill my white button jar, so I can look for another craft using them.  Also two more wooden darning mushrooms - I love these, so tactile, but no idea what to do with them (other than darning of course!!!)

A wide range of big needles - these first three have two holes - any idea why?

and about a million *tiny* needles - seriously tiny!  this one on the left came from the box, the one on the right is the smallest eye of all the ones I have in my sewing box

A zoomed in picture:
Incredibly tiny, I can't see to thread it even with my glasses on, and I really don't think that thread would go through that eye!

There were also some crochet hooks: I guess she had better eyesight than I have!

The box now holds the wooden cotton reels and the thimbles

I have long needed something to put my own crochet hooks into, so I've made one and the donated ones can live here with mine until the next Crafty Church session.  I adapted my Mug Caddy instructions, and am really pleased with it - not bad for a 20 minute make!


  1. Fun notions, Benta - you can use some of the buttons to embellish zipper bags and/or totes ... or 3 white ones of varying sizes could make a cute snowman for a gift tag :D

  2. How exciting. I have a neighbour who does house clearances and often gives me sewing stuff such as this. A real treasure trove. I love the pearly buttons in particular - they have so many uses.

  3. what fun you must be having unpacking all these goodies and wondering hay you will use them all for. Crochet hook case works so well I made one for my fountain pens and propelling pencil then Catherine wanted on for her sharpies, 30 of them which is full and now needs another as she has 20 more, granddaughter wants one for her make up brushes too.

  4. You got lucky! Lots of good stuff in there :)

  5. I've got some of those darning needles with two eyes - if I think on, I'll ask my friend if she knows what they're for, I always thought they were for threading ribbon or elastic through casings...


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