Friday 1 January 2016

Spring Cleaning

Nearly twenty years ago, oldest daughter received a dolls house which had been lovingly made for her by my very talented father.   It has been really well looked after over the years (especially as she was 5 when she got it), but hasn't been attended to while she's been away, so the dust was fairly thick!

We emptied all the furniture and she cleaned the house while I cleaned the stuff.

Then we put everything back

I wish my house was this tidy!!!!

We looked at making a perspex cover to keep some of the dust off, but that stuff is really expensive.
In Paperchase (scrapbooking dept) I found some sheets of thick plastic, so made this cover.  I think I need a more subtle shade of duck tape!


  1. Oh that's pretty! So nice that you're still loving it too.

  2. good to see you have had a spring clean, have a friend that has renovated her house, electrics etc in now and she gets so much pleasure from it, she says she is in lall lall land when she works on it! a good web site is dolls houses past and present where you can see what everyone is doing with theirs.

  3. What a lovely heirloom to have in the family Benta, agree entirely though that you need some more subtle tape!

  4. Oh I would have KILLED for a sweet dollhouse like that when I was a little girl - I bet your daughter had HOURS of fun playing with it! And she'll be able to pass it on to her little ones, and a new generation will be able to play with it!

  5. That's fabulous! What great condition it's in, she must have been a very careful wee girl.


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