Sunday 24 February 2019

2019 Wk 8 - what a lot of sewing!

I tend to look at the last week's photos to see what I need to post on the blog - and this week there were a lot of photos - so hold on tight while we whistle through last week  . .

Clam shells were quilted while we watched series 8 of Game of Thrones (I did not expect a blue eyes dragon!.. And how often does a girl need to say "I can't get pregnant" before you realise that somewhere in the next two series she *will* get pregnant?)

(The pieces of fabric set behind the outer clams has worked well)

We had LOADS is visitors to Crafty Church last week - I think there were 22 of us!  Most came to learn crochet so Daisy and Carolyn were holding master classes!!!

 Lusy (who only learned last month) brought her two projects to show and tell!  I think she has the hang of it!!!

The few non-crocheters were using the sizzix to cut EPP hexies, and felt flowers ready for Mother's Day

I finished the binding on the M-i-L hexies and triangles quilt

And I designed two crosses for Dalwyn - they've gone in the post for him to choose which one he wants on his next stole

Two taggies got made for a colleague and an ex colleague with little boys

And I have crossed two Pay-it-forward gifts off my list.  The infinity scarf with a secret pocket was delivered in time for a skiing holiday, and this zippy pouch was delivered on Thursday

This  Saturday was Stitch: a lovely treat for me, both daughters came!  As did a whole load of others - very productive morning

And today I just wanted to play.  But sadly now I'm completely out of washing line!

Hope you had a good week

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  1. That is a lot of sewing! And fab crochet from the crafty church ladies. I love your clamshells and your hexi quilt is beautiful. I'm surprised you had time to run out of washing line as well :D


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