Thursday 14 February 2019

2019 Wk 7 - Confused by Clams

I'm loving the way my clams are lookings, but not so much sewing them!

I've been randomly sewing and then trying to get the templates out and I've *eventually*  realised there seems to be an optimum method.  I'm sharing here in case I ever get the urge to sew clamshells again, although frankly I doubt it!!!

I have pressed the circles and taken out the template, but for the now the template is still in the clams as the concave curves are snipped to help them curve and I *really* don't want them flattening themselves out.

So first I should have sewn the red sections.  If there were no circles this would represent the bottom of the piece.  This holds the snipped pieces in place

Next I would sew the first light blue (on clam #1): once I'm halfway round the convex curve I can take out the tacking and remove the template and then stitch the dark blue.  Next I'd stitch the light blue on #2, remove the tacking and template, then stitch the dark blue, and so on

Those 'blue' stitches hold down the snipped curves of pieces 5, 6 and 7, so once I've finished that row, I can now stitch the green of #5, remove the tacking and template and stitch the yellow, going straight up again to stitch the green of # 6

Clear as mud?  Well today's Benta hopes that future Benta never does get the urge to stitch another load of clamshells, but if she does - please look here first!

I stitched two rows of clams above and two below the circles.  Once I'd nearly finished stitching them I realised I was going to have to sacrifice a lot of the outer clams to make a usable rectangle

But if I added fabric behind the still loose outer clams I could possibly claim another row.

It was too late for the bottom but I think I've fudged the top OK.  Looks a bit funny now but should look ok when it's quilted and trimmed

*IF* I ever do these again I will plan this stage in!

But for now these will be put away as I've been fabric shopping *twice* this week and want to play with the new fabrics!!!


  1. Did you not tuck and starch the curves first?

  2. This has turned out beautifully. But you've reminded me why I keep putting off making a quilt of these...Enjoy your knew fabric :)


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