Wednesday 27 February 2019

2019 Wk 9 - Embroidered Gifts

It's been a funny week!  A lovely mum, Nina, from the school where I used to work won a Bafta and and Oscar, and another friend's granddaughter only lived for 2 hours.  I felt the need to do something for both, so I spent a little time with Lizzie's design software and between us we created these.  The baby was named Hope (they were aware there was a major health problem), and I have added 'Never forgotten' under her name in white

Having got this far I'm not sure what to do next!  Maybe a drawstring bag for Hope's parents they could keep any mementos in it?  Or should it be a cushion they can throw against a wall when they just want to shout "it's not fair"?  And for Nina, should that be a bag or a cushion?  I plan to finish them at the weekend so any suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. That is a very sad event to remember and a very happy one to celebrate so close together. Your embroideries are both beautiful and I think bags or cushions will be perfect for each.


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