Sunday 27 June 2010

On-Line Again :-)

Well the sewing stuff has been moved to the box room, and the computer is moved and working again too, so I am back in business. A productive day, I have finished an order of 45 polo shirt and fleeces, and have nearly finished an embroidery on a baby blanket, and I sold another embroidery design on ETSY - this applique lighthouse - another $1:50 into the savings - very exciting!!!

This is the sewing room from left to right, it never quite got to tidy before I started pulling out all the projects that had a specific deadline, maybe I'll get there one day :-)

I especially like the kitchen utensil hooks on the front of the shelves - fab for scissors etc.

And I love the 45 degree pipes Husband has stuck onto wood for me, ideal for pens, glues, stitch rippers etc

(Thank you to Patrick for the idea, and to Tindra for letting me copy. Patrick we miss you RIP)

I even remembered to put books on the sunny side, and fabrics on the shady side!!!

And I've finished this fleece blanket for a baby called Tyler

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