Sunday 26 July 2020

2020 Wk 31 - another two weeks gone!

Where on earth does the time go???

I finished the design for the village pharmacy and stitched it - the boss was delighted!

This Ginger was designed and stitched for this village character's 85th birthday


Duplicates of the 48 Key Worker and Local Hero gingers were finished and delivered to Wraysbury Parish Council.  These will go into a display cabinet, and I wondered if people, in a few years time, will wonder why some of them are there, so I've created a new blog:  "Covid19Gingers" which discusses them all, and also, on the 'technical' page, has links to videos showing a bit of design work and a ginger being stitched out

Two air hostesses were designed and stitched


You may remember that I go away with a group of girlfriends every year and somehow got talked into making a patch for each trip

Well of course we aren't going away this year . . .  but they still wanted a patch LOL

And now I'm out of ginger felt so I can legitimately take a bit of a break!

I did some tie dying with a friend and her kids - we had great fun!

There was a little bit of paint left - and there was a 5 year old!!!  I've wanted to add colour to my hair for 40 years, and she was desperate to - so I did and she did!!!! (weirdly the blue and green washed out, but I'm loving the flash of pink!!!)


  1. The pharmacy you embroidered is amazing as I love your 85th birthday ginger. Your hair also looks great :) xxx

  2. I love the tie dying and the pharmacy embroidery is fab

  3. Wow! What a lot you've got done in just two weeks! Your gingers and the archive to go with them is stunning - as is your 'stay at home' patch for your gal pals!
    Love the colour in your hair - great idea for using that tie dye colour up!

  4. Loving the pink hair! Your gingers are so fantastic. I'm using mine as a bag tag now that I'm tentatively returning to our office. So far, there's only been one other person there, I've gone in by bike and have taken my lunch, so minimised contact. The other person loved the ginger!

    Great work on the pharmacy - will you be doing the whole village now?!?


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