Monday 26 October 2020

2020 Wk 44 - Gingers and Stuff!

I've been experimenting with some new Christmassy Gingers (one is an adaptation of Sue's (Memories in Thread) but the other two are my ideas

And I've made (and lost, but luckily husband then found) a set of Gingers for a friend for her colleagues

I meant to show this lovely Birthday card - I love the eclectic stitching!

A few easy jobs for Lizzie - Sky was given a jacket but it had the previous owner's name on it, so a quick patch was made and stitched on, and can be replaced when it gets handed down to the next one.

And Breeze's baby quilt never had her name added to it so I sort that out too.  I don't often get to see my quilts after they have been gifted and used almost every night since - I worry that they might not stand up to daily use, but Breeze is now 5 and the quilt is still standing up well to all the use and washing!!!

Not so good after washing was one of my much loved sewing themed t-shirts "Weekend forecast is sewing with a chance of wine").  I guess the sewing machine was hungry!

I added a piece of fabric behind, and a bit of random quilting to hold it all together - that'll give it a bit more life!

And Lisa is near the end of her crochet - isn't it awesome!!!!


  1. Lisa's crochet is awesome! What a beautiful project!
    Of course, your projects are great too - I particularly like the t-shirt mend (I've got sofa cushion covers like that too!)! xxx

  2. I wonder what is the world record for making gingers...These new ones are fun. Mine is cheerfully hanging from the clock in my kitchen reminding me to take care during these covid days :) And Lisa's crochet is spectacular. She must be very proud of it. Keep safe and well :)

  3. The Christmas gingers look great! I can’t believe how many you must have made!
    Lisa’s crochet looks fantastic! Well done Lisa!
    Barbara xx


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