Saturday 12 December 2020

2020 Week 50

 We put the Christmas Tree up in the village

The 'teenege' cats were given (and made to wear) Christmas outfits (so impressed!!!)

Kitty Penny hasn't been mistreated to the same degree!!!

Several tea-towels have been embroidered for a friend / customer

And felt has been delivered so I can commence Ginger making!!!

An 'it's cold but I'm warm' thank you to three of my favourite knitters (Thank you Janine, Amo and Jackie!)

A few Gingers waiting to go to their new homes

Some fab Christmas pressies from Jackie!

Yes including the mixer bowl - I can't manage the glass one it's too heavy - and a co-ordinated Irish effort saw her daughter finding one on a buying and selling site, the son in law collecting it, and the Irish and British post offices getting it to me!  I love it!!!

The Hexi swap flowers for November have arrived - all in gorgeous shades of red - matching the mixer!

And Lisa has finished her second Christmas Gnome!!


  1. Oh my word! That is a whole heap of gingers that you've made! Love the other projects that you've shared too - well done everyone who's been so busy making! xxx

  2. A lovely little gnome arrived with the post today Benta, did he travel from your part of the world by any chance?? He looks very familiar after reading this post :)

  3. I’m looking forward to sampling the delights you will make in that bowl xx
    I love all of the makes especially the hexies

  4. Love Kitty Penny’s heart nose! Glad your warm too. 😊

  5. Oh, poor pussy cats!
    Gosh, so many Gingers! And gnomes too!
    So much going on here, such fun!
    Barbara xx


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