Monday 13 September 2021

2021 Week 37

I seem to be in a Necklace State of Mind!  

Carrying on from the shwe shwe necklace I made a few weeks ago there was rope left over so  . . . I made another

And there was some more left over, and I saw the box of embroidery threads, and I wondered if that would work (and it did!)  There is more rope left over - what next???

(to join the two ends I butted them together, and stitched long stitches about an inch from each raw end so they wouldn't separate and then wrapped the final fabric on yarn over the join)

I have been lucky to have some really great managers / bosses in my working life.  Having sadly lost one a few months ago it seems like a double blessing that another has welcomed a baby into his world!  James and Tanya, congratulations on the safe arrival of Lila

I haven't done much other making in the last few weeks but I have been tidying the sewing room, and I spent a whole afternoon working in the shed: I have got rid of loads of magazines and lesson plans, 5 big bags of donated fabric that I cant see I will ever use and have even labeled some of my boxes.  I clearly hadn't improved my photography skills but these two sections of the shed are much improved (just another dozen or so to go!)


  1. All your room AND a shed?! Glad you’ve been prolific though. Not so much here.

  2. There is clearly something in the air - I've been rationalising and sorting out some of our house and storage too. Not my sewing, though, that's a whole other thing! Well done on tackling it all - and the lovely rope crafting and baby bits too!! xxx

  3. I love the necklaces. Great use of left over rope. Great work on all the sorting. Making room for more treasures!


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