Sunday 4 July 2010

T Shirts and Quilts

Blisteringly hot yesterday - and I spent the day at the school fair, on the hook a duck stall, in the sunshine, as my shoulders will testify! Still before I went I did manage to finish the Hug Radio sample for Gary, so that's another tick on the list. However I did also remember another 4 items to go onto the list, so still it gets longer rather than shorter!

Today I finished a quilt for Sue's new grandson, Charlie. I had already made him a subtle Around The World using Mum's and Granny's choice of colours: creams, pale blues, greens and yellows, which has been much admired. It matches the nursery which is neutral colours, but mum then mentioned that she needed a bit of colour in there too.

Which is how this colourful quilt came to be.

Lots of scraps from I Spy quilts and displaying all the technical skills expected of a 10 year old, this quilt does have colours by the bucketful! I hope he likes it!!!

I especially like the border: a print featuring rulers that I picked up in WalMart last time I went to see dad - wish I'd bought more of it!!!

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