Wednesday 28 July 2010

Sally's Pink Brick Road finished :-)

Had a good day today taking Niki and Becca and my special boy to Legoland. Thank to R's condition we got exit stamps so we went on loads of rides without having to queue much. We have just heard it may be one of the last times we care for him, so I'm especially glad we were able to finish on a good day.

This quilt was finished this morning - just a small lap quilt for my friend Sally to keep her lap from getting too hairy when she knits! The fabric was given to me at Christmas as part of a Secret Santa swap arranged through the BQL yahoo group (British Quilt List). Thank you to my Secret Santa - lovely fabrics :-)


  1. Bravo Benta you make so much. I want to sew but very often finds that I have urgent things to do first, and then I never get around to it. Maybe I should do like you and start with the sewing.

  2. Thank you Pascale, I think maybe sometimes the family think I have my priorities a bit wrong though!!!


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