Thursday 16 June 2011

No longer a Blogspotter :-)

One of the blogs that I follow is SpiceUpYourBlog, where a guy called Paul posts hints and tips on how to make your blog stand out.  The last few posts have been about removing the .blogspot part of the blog name, and today there was a video showing how easy it was (he has a really sexy voice, so I am really happy to llisten to his posts)

So now (to be completed over the next few days) my blog URN is

.... ta da .....

how exciting is that?  So I have  


which I didn't think I could do ... Thank you Paul-with-the-sexy-voice!

There is nothing else to be done - I've paid my $10:00, and Blogger will complete the redtape, and as soon as it's all completed they will move all my posts to the new address, and will redirect all blogspot visitors to the new site, so there is nothing for anyone else to do

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  1. So exciting! Your excitement totally resonates with me because I just did the same thing not too long ago. Congrats!


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