Tuesday 14 June 2011

Quilting = happiness

I found this quote and link on Lis's blog,

Emily L. Burt, Postgraduate Student and Jacqueline Atkinson, Professor of Mental Health Policy, have looked into the connections between health and craft hobbies and report:

"Results: Cognitive, emotional and social processes were uncovered, which participants identified as important for their wellbeing. Participants found quilting to be a productive use of time and an accessible means of engaging in free creativity. Colour was psychologically uplifting. Quilting was challenging, demanded concentration and participants maintained and learned new skills. Participants experienced ‘flow’ while quilting. A strong social network fostered the formation of strong friendships. Affirmation from others boosted self-esteem and increased motivation for skill development. Quilts were often given altruistically and gave quilting added purpose." 


Which is all great to know!


  1. That's awesome. I would have like to participate in that study. :)

  2. I would have agreed with the hypothesis that started that study, but to see scientific evidence of all that is really cool.

    Great to know! That must be why we all love it so much.

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  4. I'm up for a bit of night-time fabric graffiti!
    Apologies for the deleted; too early for spelling!


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