Saturday 30 June 2018

2018 Wk 26 - a bit of a catch up

 I've been having problems getting photos from my phone to the computer, so I haven't blogged for a few weeks, but today it worked - so here is a quick catch up

Niki's colleague's colleagues all attacked her chemo quilt with fabric pens- and my concern that it was too white has been blown away - doesn't it look great!

I went to Ireland for a few days this last week.  Officially it was to see Jackie, but (shhhhh) there was another person I was eager to meet - this little beauty, Leah, my honorary granddaughter!  We spent lots of time with her big brothers too - D in the pic and A who was at school - my gosh . . .  boys are exhausting!

We made a few bits for Leah (or possibly her mum!): this changing clutch

 and changing mat (it did get finished before being handed over)

And her I-spy quilt was finished and handed over too (pic to follow).  Jackie had been on a course and made this fab elephant pic for Leah's room

We made ourselves some great project trays too, by coincidence we had instructions for two: different sizes, different designers and different methods but very similar result.  They have Peltex 72F (I think) in them which makes them really firm, and the closure action from tray to storage is really satisfying

A friend decided to join in the Untangled Threads art installation to commemorate WW1 - I am totally in love with her heart - she needle felted these poppies in a field and it's beyond awesome!

And Jackie and I bought some pickling jars.  For pickling you ask?  No - of course not - for beautiful buttons!!!!


  1. Gosh, you’ve been so busy again!
    The chemo quilt looks great with all the writing!
    Boy you had your hands full!
    What a great visit.
    Love your friends poppy heart. Very touching!
    Barbara xx

  2. There you are - and of course you've been up to fun and travel and photography and gifties and fabricy and bebeh goodness :) Everything is great, but the chemo quilt and the lil cupcake and her big brother are kinda stealing the show ... as they should! ;)

  3. I've got all those projects pinned but don't have the patterns and the time. Always awesome to see them made up. On the zip up rolls, did you prefer one pattern over the other?
    I can derail any moment though.
    Love the chemo prayer quilt. Snuggling up under all those good wishes has got to help.

  4. Good to see you here again! The chemo quilt is brilliant and you've got a wonderful collection of other finishes. Leah is adorable and very lucky to be showered with gifts :)


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