Sunday 8 July 2018

2018 Wk 27 Beads, EPP and Inchies

I've been wanted to make a rain necklace out of coloured wooden beads . . .but couldn't find what I wanted, so I bought plain wooden beads and attacked them with sharpie pens.

The colour wash didn't come out quite as I envisaged so once they were stacked by colour on these sticks shoved into corrugated card I did some speed dating and these are the ones that made the grade.

I made three strands and the gave them a bit of a twist, using a stick and circle thingy as a fastener

And I'm rather chuffed with the result!

 I'm coming near to the end of the hexi and triangle EPP that I'm making at M-i-L's . .

just these last 31 triangles to be added then it can be backed and quilted

The templates will be glad to call it a day!  I only go through the template on the first and last stitch so you can see how often these have been used

I was at Chertsey Museum on Friday: a few ladies had finished their patchwork baskets and brought them for show and tell

And Friday's class was inchies: As usual, a huge variety of gorgeous creativeness - Well done ladies



  1. That’s a fab necklace! Gorgeous on your colouring too I bet.

  2. Love the necklace Benta. Good to see you last night.

  3. LOVE your necklace x Lovely work by the ladies with their baskets x

  4. Lovely work by everyone! Your necklace looks fab - gosh, all that colouring! Well done persevering.
    Wow all those hexies and triangles!
    Oh, the inchies! And baskets too!
    Well done all, great work!!!!
    Barbara x

  5. Very clever idea for those beads. They've turned out beautifully and your hexies are looking lovely :)

  6. By odd coincidence, I found a bag of wooden beads -mine are already colored. I was gonna sell the bigger ones but had an idea for the smaller ones and then you post!
    Does the sharpie color wear off against your skin or did you seal the color?


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