Sunday 29 July 2018

2018 Wk 31 Lizzie

I have worn out a couple of embroidery machines - apparently they are designed to be used a couple of times a month, and the 15 million (!) stitches I've done is excessive.  I needed to replace the current one, but it seemed crazy to replace with practically the same machine just to knacker that one too.

The industrial ones as bigger (and more expensive) than I have room or budget for, but with some help from Mummy I have bought a semi industrial machine - currently known as Lizzie.

The problem is that there isn't really room in the sewing room for her.  Husband has been helping find a solution, including finding two lengths of kitchen work surface to work as a work bench.

I took some evolution photos:

A while ago

Wardrobes taken out, Lizzy in a temporary position, and the computer has moved off the workbench onto a desk, one bookcase moved out

Old workbench and bookcases moved out, one kitchen work surface moved in and balanced on a couple of Ikea storage units

Second work surface liberated from a friend's school skip (thank you Barbara!!!)

Once Lizzie gets moved onto the new workbench (definitely a two man job; she weighs a ton!) and the room is tidied it will be perfect!  And just in time for Jackie to come next weekend


  1. So looking forward to meeting Lizzie 😀

  2. I've found the same problem with decorating and garden tools and household appliances that they seem to be designed, these days, for light, occasional use. I often think it's better to buy things second hand as they are less disposable! I hope Lizzie lasts a good while and works well for you :)

  3. Well she’s a bit of a monster! Should be a good worker though.

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