Sunday 22 July 2018

2018 Wk 30 - Misc stuff

A few finishes (or nearly finishes)

This machine pieced hand quilted mini sixteener quilt just needs the binding stitched down to the back

This EPP quilt has been finished (and cursed when the red thread ran; I might learn eventually) but I love her anyway)

A few quilts have been hung in Jackie's room ready for next weekend, and the sixteener will join them when she's bound

This I spy quilt has been finished including binding, just waiting for a little person who might want it.

At Stitch we finally assembled our first kits: lots of ladies working

and four of my favourite girls assembling kits

 I received this lovely pic of Amelia Rose on her I spy quilt

And I made this memory box for the girls (thank you Tara for all your help!)

The hearts for the Untangled Thread project need to be with the organisers by the end of July

Tara started our involvement and made this one

I just used pins and beads (and help from daughters) to create mine

And two other friends in the village joined in too -
and WOW!!!

Lindsey embroidered the Welsh Fusiliers crest

And Jane felted poppies in a field

I am reminded of my Grandfather's expression : Those that can, do, those that can't, teach - now we know why I teach crafts!!!!


  1. The hearts are glorious. I hope they rub shoulders with mine.

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