Sunday 15 July 2018

2018 Wk 29 Happy Holidays

I didn't post while I was on holiday as the iPad doesn't seem to like blogging, and life has been a bit busy since then, so today you get a couple of posts!

The holiday was fab - an apartment owned by friends of ours with a private terrace and a shared private pool - the beach was 400 steps away and bars and restaurants were not much further, so there was a lot of sitting here

Or swimming and sunbathing here

And there may have been a fair amount of food and drink!

But at times it was too hot to sit outside so I worked on this, finishing all the EPP (except one triangle top right - I didn't take quite enough LV fabric

and quilting with the 4 thread I brought, and finishing it with a round of EPP in the backing fabric to maintain the shaped edges

There was also a fair amount of hand quilting these blocks from the Gillian Travis Interchange Applique class

Even some ironing - but only blocks, not clothes!!!!

And I learned that how ever lovely my sharpied beads necklace looks, if I wear it all day when the weather is very hot and I'm sweaty . . .  there is a risk I may look very bruised where the colour has come off!

Then the holiday ended and we sadly had to come home - however, within 24 hours this beauty had come to live with me, so it's not all bad!


  1. Love that interchange quilt.

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