Sunday 7 April 2019

2019 Wk 14 Chertsey Friday

For a change I wasn't teaching at Chertsey on Friday - I was one of the students instead!

Marion who does these lovely landscape weavingings lead the class instread

She warped the frames for us and we learned pigtail knots, ane which way to weave depending on right or left handedness and how to meet and greet one colour to another horizontally, and how to wrap a length of wool to make it easy to weave.  Thank you Marion!  We didn't get far on the day but I'm looking forward to seeing them next month for show and tell





And speaking of show and tell, here are some finished or nearly finished wall hangings from last month

After that, I went on to sleep out!!  Taking part in a fundraising event for Windsor Homeless Project

My bloggy friends have been really generous in sponsoring me - thank you all VERY VERY much xxxxx

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