Sunday 14 April 2019

2019 Wk 15 - Playdate with Sharon

 Saturday playdate with this lovely lady!

We put the world to rights (of course!) had plenty of coffee, rethreaded the overlocker, cut a quilt for her and speed-dated one for me!

What a way to spend a Saturday!

Sharon has great ambitions for her **SECOND** ever quilt (this was the first)  She has pieced a rainbow jelly roll as the front (like this but this is from Pinterest as I forgot to get a pic of hers) but then wanted to make a fractured heart for the back.  The pattern was for 2" or 5" squares but we went for 2.5" squares.  We had to lay it out in 2 halves

but then used a bit of photo trickery to sort of join them - isn't it going to be awesome!!!!  I think I want to make one too!!!

For my project we layed out the EPP plus blocks on her spare bed, and I now just need 15 squares to fill in the gaps and then I'm ready to put them away and ignore them for a while start sewing them together

I have been sewing these starred hexies together, but they don't look any different

And I am all caught up on my Temperature Project.  A warm blip is shown by a map of the state of Texas and TX

And the other half - I'm loving the texture of it!

This was the walk to church this morning - isn't the cherry blossom beautiful!!!

And we (the sleepout) was in the local papers!!!!

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  1. What a lovely way to spend the day. Very productive. Well done Sharon on your fab quilt and threading the overlocker!!!


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