Tuesday 22 October 2019

2019 Wk 42 - Happy Hexies

I last showed a random collection of little hexies in early September.  They looked lovely in a box, but I didn't have a plan for them.  Since then the number has just about doubled, and I have started sewing them together.

There is only a vague semblance of a plan but I hope it is visible?

If not maybe this mono photo shows it better?
A light central flower with a ring of dark and two rings of medium and light hexies, and then repeat dark, medium and light (twice)

I've also been embroidering the holiday patches for the last three European city trips I did with girlfriends.  I do a patch every year, but have clearly been tardy!

So here we have Bologne (2017),

Sunny Athens (2018) and

Sicily 2019

These are designed to go on drawstring backpacks - but I've managed to lose mine!  So I am in the process of re stitching the badges going back to 2004 for myself!!!


  1. Great work on the hexies Benta! The black and white photo is a clever way to see the colour differences. Who would have thought we’d want to use black and white again these days?!
    Your badges are amazing! You have some lovely ideas, which lead to your machine being well used. You are very clever, well done!😊
    Barbara xx

  2. I love the hexies. the badges are looking great


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