Friday 10 January 2020

2020 Wk 2 - memories quilt

I’ve finally stitched together what looks like a fairly basic quilt

The Janet Clare fabrics really spoke to me and with her help I created some FMQ embroidered blocks of images that I associate with holidays with my father.  I added some embroidery machine designs I created that also “belonged” and put them all together this afternoon

The fabrics show very nautical images - lots of different boats - and trees and red cottages, and birds and seaweed from the island, and weather; particularly wind and rain which the west coast of Norway is well known for

There are ten or eleven embroidered squares - this Viking ship and the rose are reminders of his memorial service 18 months ago.

 These are the FMQ blocks from before

Now I just need to find time to bind it!!

I have also finished the temperature embroidery, (difficult to photograph 15 foot x 2 inches!)

 And the Red Velvet crochet has grown a bit

And a final gingerbread man has finished some weaving - and will be a pressie for a young lady who helped me with a weaving project!


  1. A lovely collection of memories of your father. Well done on sticking with the embroidery too! It’s great seeing all the different ways people have been recording the year in colour.

  2. Beautiful memories quilt. So lovely to make it so personal with the lovely embroideries and stitching.
    Love your temperature 'chart' too - it looks fantastic!
    Glad to see another gingerbread man too - another busy week or two for you!

  3. What a beautiful, personal quilt! A treasure.

  4. Do you ever Stop Benta!!!!! Amazing amount of work in all of these.


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