Saturday 19 September 2020

2020 Week 38

Going away for a short break means packing hand sewing stuff!!! 

I tacked a whole load of EPP triangles and managed to join some together

I've started a cross stitch (a bit boring so far but it will grow)

We did a family jigsaw - none of us really enjoyed it!!

And admired Lisa's Persian tiles crochet as she added the cream border

Whe we got home again Lisa and Jim had finally exchanged contracts!  So in a few weeks the kitties will be goinmg to live with them - I made them each a little quilt to take with them!

They seem to have been approved!

Also receiving a feline seal of approval is the Plus Quilt which I though was there waiting for the biding to be stitched down in front of the TV - but clearly it was there for a different reason!!!

There has been some embracing of one's inner Hippy!

Hair might have been dyed

And clothes might have been tie dyed (not so much of the tying though)  Double Dye isn't too much is it????

And finally for today - *another* friend has become a granny!  So another quilt has gone int the post!  This one is from Jackie and me to a lovely friend of ours


  1. Always good to embrace your inner self! Well done Lisa

  2. Fab hair colour! I miss my purple under my grey.
    I seem to have missed a whole lot of kitties and a Jim somewhere. I’ll have to get up to speed!


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