Saturday 5 September 2020

2020 Wk 36

 I seem to be better at taking photos that I am at blogging - so to create a blog post I look at the photos I took recently: and here they are

I sent a niece in America a quilt when she had number 1, but a year later when number 2 arrived I didn't even think of it!  Anyway I got my act together during lock down and made and posted off the second one - she sent me this lovely pic of they have a fort movie night!

The embroidery of Lisa' new house has been finished - she wanted it as a gift for the vendors!

This plus quilt has finally been fully quilted in spirals on alternate plus blocks.  The lovely Karen from Richmond and Kew quilters occassionally works in a quilt shop so she is going to find me some fabric suitable for binding

I hand quilted a Mickey Mouse block quilt . . .

. . . and appear to have quality control approval for it

I did some babygro / onesie embroidery for a customer (and about 100 Pumpkins t shirts but that's too boring to photograph!!!)

My spiral crochet is growing - I still haven't found the optimum count for increasing so it alternates between being too many (a bit wavy) and too few (the edges curl up) but I'm hoping that when I've finished / got fed up blocking will make it lay perfectly

This insipid quilt got pieced and quilted - it's almost impossible to see the different fabrics but if you look closely there is a round-the-world effect around where the button mirror is placed.  It's been quilted to show the ever increasing diamonds and will be bound and sent off to Linus Quilts sometime.  I really don't love it but it used up some unwanted stash

I got two amazing cards in the post yesterday: This one which even husband and daughters could immediate name show three work colleagues

And this one which arrived just 24 hours after a quilt for baby Oliver arrived in Canada - aint progress wonderful!!!!


  1. Great to have photos of your work. I love the crochet x

  2. I have to use my photo album too. It seems I’ve missed lots of your posts as well. They haven’t been in my feed!
    The crochet spiral is working well, I’m impressed! X


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