Sunday 22 November 2020

2020 Week 47

A brief summary of things that happened in week 47: This small EPP triangles project had extra strips prepared 


. . .  and was approved by the senior quality control inspector! (Honestly - it was on the floor for about 2 minutes and she found it and claimed it!)

One of the youngsters who attend (when we can run it) Crafty Church needed a new skill for her Duke of Edinburgh course - so we had a lovely (socially distnaced 1-2-1) class.  I wanted to design something she could make without me that was "hers" so I got her to send me something she had designed

So this

became these

And I got this as a thank you!!

very late but I designed a Diwali Ginger

Some other gingers were designed and stitched and posted but they haven't arrived yet so I can't show them yet!

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