Saturday 14 November 2020

2020 Wk 46 - What shall I show you today?

 Maybe you have forgotten that I sew Gingers?  Someone asked me the other day if I had counted them - maybe I should have done - but I'm not even due I'm prepared to count how many times I have ordered more 'ginger' felt as I'd run out!  So the latest have been some Yule Nissen (in Norwegian), aka Tomte (Swedish) and gnomes.  They are actually gingers under their boots and gloves and clothes and beards! 

I also stitched a ginger Nativity set.  This one isn't my design, I bought it from Memories in Thread.  I'm not convinced about some on the animals - the big sheet is HUGE and the camel looks lire like a lama, but the rest is quite cute.  Someone suggested stitching a stable (with some small buttons) and adding one character a day as an advent calendar - it might have to start in the middle of December rather than the first!!! (there is one more wise man who missed the photo shoot, and I guess a star, and the moon, and some more shepherds and farm animals could bulk it out - maybe a project for next year?)

My girls are (thankfully) too old for the Elf on the Shelf project but I have friends who prepare some brilliant escapades for their elves: I mentioned that M-I-T  has designed some costumes for elves and got talked into making this!!!!

Another friend sent me a link to a design like this on Pinterest.  It was fun to design and stitch but I'm not really sure what to do with it next . . .  so it's gone to her in the post  and can be here problem now!!

The triangle EPP quilt is growing: I'm not sure how big it will get: I'm sure it will tell me when it's big enough or I will tell it there are no more triangles!!!

But for now I still have plenty of tacked triangles and ready-to-be-tacked triangles to add

I haven't bought much fabric (felt doesn't count does it?)

But Jackie sent me a pic of this zippy pouch she's made, (and has promised to teach me when we can meet up) 

and about ten minutes later I saw this fabric for sale, so I kind of HAD to buy some as I think it will be perfect for the pouches!

Well I've actually had some orders for some Yule Nissen gingers so I'm going to go and do some "work"!  Have great weekend


  1. Stunning work and great ideas, as ever! I particularly like your triangles. I keep meaning to make a pieced version (a bit bigger) but still haven't got around to cutting out the pieces!
    I can hardly believe just how many ginger variations you have created now - they are all fab! xx

  2. I love your felt creations and your triangle quilt is going to be wonderful! Take care :)

  3. That fabric will be perfect for pouches

  4. My goodness, all those gnomes! So many gingers!
    Nice to see all your makes.
    That fabric will look great in pouches.
    Barbara xx

  5. I do love a Tomte! And why not ginger ones 😄


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