Wednesday 20 February 2013

Blinking Blogger

I do wish Blogger would leave things alone - sort or Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It approach.

I usually check on other blogs via my iPad, and it gradually dawned on me that I was getting the mobile view of all (nearly all) blogs, rather than the web view.  This meant I couldn't see your buttons, I didn't get to appreciate the time and effort you have spent creating backgrounds etc, and for those of you who advertise, I couldn't see your ads, so you had no chance of making money through me.  This wasn't just me: it applied to everyone who used any type of tablet or mobile device

For those of you who are more visual:  this is what my blog looks like on the PC

I have spent time choosing the font, the colours, the buttons, the background: arranging it just so.

However, this is what it looks like on the iPad

Not quiet the same!

It seemed I couldn't change how I saw your blogs, but each blogger can change how their own blog is viewed.

SO - if you like your PC / lap top view you could ensure that I see that view, even from my iPad.

Karen, at Sew Many Ways, and Paul, at Spice Up Your Blog both gave me advice on how to change MY blog - If you want to change yours too, either visit Karen' post here, or have a go at these instructions.

While you are in Web View, go to [Design], top right
Next you want to select Template, and then click on the settings cog below [Mobile]

And then choose NOT to have mobile template available, and [save]
Sorted!  Karen is conducting a survey as to what people prefer - if you want to have your say, click here and you can put your twopen'th in too

Interestingly, after I changed mine, I noticed I was seeing other people's as the desktop view - Have google been monitoring our chats?  If so maybe there is such a thing as people power, and maybe they have done a U-turn


  1. Hmm, now the mobile preview on mine, without changing it, is in its regular livery. Being all out of iPads, I can't check, so is mine its usual blue and purple or not?

    PS, I spend no time on my background and buttons ;o)

  2. Trouble is, you need the mobile view if you are checking on your phone, otherwise either you can only see about 3 words without having to scroll across or it is all waaaaaay too tiny.

  3. Every now and the I have them all coming up as mobile view but at the bottom you can choose web view. After changing them back a few times they all start to come up as web view again. Someone out there is just being a jobsworth me thinks.

  4. I read blogs on my ipad all of the time...but use FeedlerPro. I get to see all of your hard work.


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