Tuesday 5 February 2013

Home Sweet Home

While my embroidery machine has been methodically stitching the fleece jackets and sweat shirts for my friend Debbie, I have been planning and designing the Star Of Africa blocks for Miss December (Sana) and Miss January (Tina)

After 25 fleece jackets and 10 sweatshirts (boring, but I console myself with the thought that each one is worth a FQ of fabric) I switched designs for a while to stitch Sana's block.

Sana has asked for a theme of Home Sweet Home.  I considered a map for a previous block but it didn't work, but the idea stayed with me, so I embroidered a map of a 5 x 7 mile area around my house and the added some landmarks.  Sana has already told us that it will be a wall hanging so I knew I could use buttons and stuff.

I embroidered some land marks and added buttons or shrinkies for other items.  I hope she likes the little corner of the world that has been my home for 26.5 years!

(And the money that I'm earning from the t-shirts - well this little squishy that arrived today will take a bite out of that!


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