Friday 4 November 2016

Key ring class

This was today's class at Chertsey Museum - making key rings! I got the clamps from Amazon (search ribbon clamp) and we stitched pretty ribbons onto black webbing, then clamped the ends in a loop. These can now be worn on the wrist so you don't drop your keys


And some show & tell from last month



  1. Oh those keyrings are cool - I have some of the crimps (from Ebay) - I bought them to use for the ends of zippers and for beaded bookmarks - keyrings is a great use too :D

  2. what a good idea, how often I panic when I can not find my keys know I have them as I have to lock the door when leaving the house of coirse they always are in my bag but for a minute I think where have they gone

  3. What great stocking fillers!

  4. Those are a brilliant idea and they look great :)


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