Sunday 13 November 2016

The Old School One

You may remember Lisa, mum and I started making a dress for Lisa a few weeks ago - well she wants to wear it to a wedding - on Tuesday! Needless to say we had done nothing further since the initial work, but this weekend it had to be finished!

My main sewing machine is still away being serviced, and the one I bought when I was teaching weekly has been playing silly games - so I dragged out an ancient Singer hand crank machine for the top stitching


And I hand stitched the hem and am rather chuffed that it's pretty invisible!


Not all old school this weekend though. The embroidery machine has been earning its keep with this pile of tshirts done


And a last minute present made a birthday girl very happy


And I've pinned a whole load more warm diamond blocks - I've even stitched a few on the Singer but my arm is starting to ache! I think I'll be back to hexies for a while until I get a machine back!



  1. just thinking about hand cranking makes my arm ache!Presume the dress was completed and worn for the edding. Hope you get the machine back soon . Valerie must have been delighted with her birthday present.

  2. WOW you've been busy! Modern sewing machines, while full of fabulous features, are nowhere near as PRETTY as vintage machines - the old ones are lovely workhorses. And the stitching is straight and true. I love old machines :) I'm not sure that my hands and shoulders would be up to the challenge of hemming something with a hand crank, but you sure did a good job with it!

  3. Great job with the dress. I think that's about as invisible as a zip can get. The birthday gift looks lovely too :)

  4. The birthday gifts is so beautiful and can´t wait to see that dress.

    Mu mother in law has that machine and it is her favorite.

    Have a fun week.


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