Saturday 3 December 2016

One to one sewing retreat

So at home there seems to be no time to see, and anyway my machine is still out with the engineer, so I had a great solution this weekend - I attended a very very exclusive 1-2-1 sewing retreat - at Jackie's !!!!

Only a 48 hour trip this time so we've had to cram lots of sewing in!


Some nesting boxy pouches from Sara's website


A lovely Christmas tree decoration

And a load more warm diamond blocks have been stitched


And we still have another day!



  1. OMG YOU DID NOT get multiple Kismet bags done - she just published the pattern a few days ago! They are GORGEOUS - I demand (yes! demand!) more pictures and a report on how they went - I still haven't studied the pattern to see how they're done >:) YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Lovely fabric on the boxes. The diamonds are looking interesting too.

  3. enjoy your visit to Jackie`s in the emerald isle. You have been so productive how lovely to be having such a cretive time with your very dear friend.

  4. I am with Sandra Benta, more details on the nesting bags! I saw Sandra's post about the pattern and now that I have seen your bags I am definitely heading over to buy that pattern :)

    Enjoy the rest of your Irish Retreat.

  5. Looks like you are having fun on your production sewing retreat!
    I've got to sew three things today and then there won't be any more time before christmas.
    Happy times.


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