Sunday 11 December 2016

Rope Rounds

Armed with a newly serviced sewing machine and some soft rope (none of that sash cording I used before that broke my needles) I had a go at making some cotton rope baskets.

The red is a bit bland on the outside (but pretty on the inside), but I reckon the green is fab from both sides. It's a belated birthday pressie for a friend with a green themed kitchen. I varied the step (?) of the zigzag stitches to vary the density of the colour.



Lovely to be back creating!



  1. Very pretty. My rope is STILL sitting on the side.

  2. Loving the green - I will have to try varying my zigzag dimensions.

  3. I think I need to practice more mine are a very wonky shape :-)

  4. OH OH OH OH OH OH OH another one bites the rope basket dust! Those are adorable - it looks like you did some cool fancy stitching in the first few rounds (some kind of star/asterisk design) for extra oomph! I think I have some soft rope downstairs from a thrift store purchase - I've been admiring these type of projects for a while now and I think I need to dip my feet in the basket/water!

  5. very nice the rope baskets are so popular at the moment

  6. They are great. I have been meaning to try them for ages,
    Have you seen the ones that Tia Curtis makes, wow they are superb but she has been doing them for ages. There is a lovely one on her website, a basket with a handle.

    1. Thanks Tina (sorry, you are a no-reply blogger) Tia's bowls are great, I love Running With Rocket's bowls too


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