Tuesday 27 December 2016

Pinterest Problem

I wanted to try the Pinterest inspired melted crayons onto a framed canvas art!

Well to be honest, I wanted to try it years ago, so the crayons have been glued and waiting for at least two years. I don't own a hairdryer or paint stripper and kept forgetting to ask the family if I could borrow one. Today they took matters into their own hands and put the prepared canvas into the oven.

Fortunately- the canvas turned out fab!

Unfortunately the crayons also melted onto the oven floor and sides!

Fortunately the baking tray caught most of it

Unfortunately I'm going to need to get someone in to clean the rest!

Fortunately tomorrow should be more successful - I'm sewing! One stack of blocks to finish and speed date, one UFO to move along, and one quilt that exists in my head but needs cutting and stitching

(Edit: I glued the crayons onto a canvas - the Pinterest ones are usually shown with a hot air blower of some type to melt the crayons, but the oven worked really well (apart from the dribbles). We had the oven on very low (I've got gas: we had it on S which is below gas mark 1) and watched through the window, stopping when we liked what we had. The wax stopped melting almost as soon as we turned the heat off or took the canvas out. We had to help one green bit - it had run into the blue and didn't want to run straight down- a toothpick helped to pull a bit of green down and guide the next dribble! If you look on Pinterest there are lots of variations - some have a piece of plastic or resist over part of the pic so it keeps an area clear. )


  1. Sounds like a busy day tomorrow. Good luck with the oven cleaning!

  2. I've seen that craft on Pinterest - it's ... not for me, lol. No way would my version ever look like the original :D You're ... speed dating your blocks? Do tell! Here in Canada speed dating has a different meaning, LOL! ;)

  3. Can't you put your oven on low and wipe up with paper towels or paper bags?
    I made new crayons once out of our bits and bobs with cookie cutters. It took forever to take the papers off but finally they were done and shipped off to the nephews. I thought we had used all the crayons in the house except for one box of still perfect ones, but two weeks later, the drawers were magically full again of broken crayons...

    Sorry for the Pinterest semi-fail. I think it looks awesome.

  4. fascinated by what you have done here hopefully I will find some info on pinterest shame about the cooker fingers crossd it will clean up okay


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