Saturday 17 December 2016

Bread basket

I've had a lovely few evenings working with my transatlantic washing line! I'm really pleased with the shape of this one
There was some rope left, and I made another disc, and then finished off with fabric wrapping which I hadn't tried - and also added two "handles"

So now I have a lid: I think it will work well for warm bread rolls?  Although I am temped to undo the last few rounds and turn then through 90 degrees so It's a fitted lid

Or a mat!

Happy me!!!!!


  1. The bowl is lovely Benta. Incredible what a difference it can make when we all get the right materials to work with!

  2. Wow,it`s just beautiful and love it with handle!

    Merry Christmas!.

  3. you have certainly got the hang of making these, ideal for warm bread rolls or even cold ones!

  4. Handles AND a lid?
    Love the holiday red.

  5. Now we're going to have basketk/rope masters (mistresses? :D) on both sides of the Atlantic! You definitely have the hang of this - and you learn something new every time - so cool :)


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