Wednesday 14 December 2016

A Squishy and a Belly Laugh

I have a virtual friend that has been mentioned several times on this blog: Kathy. She blogs at Running with Rocket and she sells at Running with Handmade. She has been my main inspiration for these spiral cotton baskets and bowls. Do click on her ETSY shop and have a look - they are fabulous!
She works for the post office in America and sends great care packages - being very mindful to take full advantage of the permitted weight paid for.

A few weeks go I got an email to say a package was on its way from her, and I could track it - it was great fun: the whole family tuned in to daily updates as to where the package was! (why it needed to sit at Heathrow, just five miles away, for nearly a week is anybody's guess!)

In the past she has added hand made envelopes to use the weight allowance, while this year I got an envelope without a card as the card would have tipped the package into the next postage cost!

So the package arrived and I opened it with great excitement - the family looked confused, but I nearly wet myself laughing - Kathy I love you! After all the problems sewing with the wrong sort of cotton rope I was delighted to receive . . . .

By the time I had time to go to my sewing room it was too late to start on a bowl, so I made a little pouch for Lisa - isn't it lovely when your children *ask* for something? All her loyalty type cards were taking up too much space in her purse, could I . . .

Yep, I can!

Today I shall mostly be planning my rope bowl!!!!!!


  1. Lovely bowl! I will start mine sooooooon! I've had a tracked package arrive from US, go to Swindon, onto my local sorting office then over to Sweden before coming back and sitting in Southampton for several days. Daft isn't it.

  2. So lovely to get a package in the post

  3. I'm just happy you got it so fast during the christmas rush. Why it sat so near you for a week - whatever. It would have been another ten bucks for that card. haha. Can't wait to see what you make.

  4. Poor Kathy is working 12 hour days now - Christmas is absolutely crazy for postal workers! I hope that the bosses are appreciative of the efforts that their staff during this time! I know the pain of package contents bumping the envelope into a higher cost bracket - I've been known to pull (wrapped) candies out one by one from packages to my sister, just to keep it to the lower price/weight, haha!

    Great gift to receive - I can't wait to see what you make :)

  5. such a good idesa to have vcards seperate from a purse another project for the to do list. Happy making with your rope no doubt it will be done in a wink you are so speedy


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