Saturday 26 May 2018

2018 Wk 20 New To Me

The lovely Fiona runs a new To Me blog hop at the end of every month - and I very occasionally manage to join in the fun - this time I think I am making up for all the missed months!

On a short holiday to Norway I made a model Viking ship (NTM)

We then set it alight on the fjord as part of my father's memorial service (NTM)

Against the back drop of a fab sunset

And Niki took me out in a canoe in the fjord (NTM)

Today I blind hemmed a top (NTM) with a great idiot's guide from this web page.  Look you can hardly see the stitches.  I though my hand sewing was neat, but this is awesome!

And I lost out on Mother-of-the-Year (not NTM!) award when daughter was using a rotary cutter and suddenly uttered a loud gasp and put her thumb in her mouth - with hindsight "don't let blood drip on the fabric" maybe shouldn't have been the first thing I said

I have owned up to my UFO collection (definitely NTM) - also now known as the rail of shame

That's five New To Mes!  Have you linked to Fiona?


  1. Great New to Me post Benta! What a lovely way to remember your father and in such a wonderful setting. Hope your daughter's finger (and your fabric!) have recovered from the rotary cutter disaster :)

  2. Lovely memorial to your dad. Don’t want to see the nail, closed eyes past that bit. I’m sure you will sure work your way through the rail of shame.

  3. Great post Benta!
    A lovely memorial to your dad!
    Good luck with the rail of shame.
    Barbara xx

  4. Great New to Me's, Benta. I love the boat and I hope you've been forgiven for your blood on the fabric comment :) x


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