Sunday 27 May 2018

2018 Wk 20 - What happened to the blog?

Sandra recently messaged me to tell me "Your blog seems glitchy - or is it my computer".  She went to to explain " I've noticed some weird glitchy things involving your blog.  Your posts list in my blog reader, but when I click on them, it just opens another copy of the blog reader page.  That's been happening for a while, and I assumed it was a bug with the blog reader.  However, when I actually GO to your blog, to the homepage, your first/latest post isn't clickable - it's viewable at the top of the page, but it isn't clickable so I can't go to the first post.  Also, if I click on Comments to post a comment, it goes nowhere.  If I scroll down the page though, and go to a different, older post - I can get the post page up and I can comment."

I have no idea what the problem is, but if I create a blog post on the iPad and then try and edit on the PC I get this message

Anyway, apologies if it misbehaves, and if you have ANY idea how to correct it please let me know!

I am creating this post on the PC so it might behave better!


  1. there is also a problem that all bloggers seem to be having with comments going to the blog but not e-mail .. it is being "worked" on x

  2. I think the problem you describe seems different to the email problem we are all suffering at the moment. I hadn’t noticed this happening with your blog but I have seen it elsewhere.
    I’d noticed a particular blogger, on my Reader, with a new post, but couldn’t view it, I must admit I assumed the post was “scheduled” and would show up later. Blogger have said they have a few problems at the moment so maybe it will be sorted in time?! I hope!
    Sorry not much help!
    Barbara xx

  3. Whatever you did, or whatever the Blogger gods did, seems to have worked. I can access your blog from my blog reader, and I can even access the individual posts like I should be able to. It's working fine now! I hope Blogger fixes the comments problem too - that's an annoying one! But I'm glad to be able to quickly get to your blog posts, Miss Benta ... I'd miss your fun project pictures and adventures!


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