Thursday 11 July 2019

2019 Wk 28 - a round up

I've been working on the temperature embroidery - it's getting quite long!  I am enjoying playing with random stitches. 

We have a newly started community radio station covering our two villages and another half dozen or so.  You can google it and can listen on-line.  Not necessarily highly professional but very enthusiastic!!

One of the trustees is a good friend of mine.  She had a 60th party a few weeks ago - she didn't want any pressies, but I decided to ignore that request.  It was only a humble calico tote bag, but it came out well!!!

I did some other embroidery too - Chertsey Museum is preparing for a display called Pleats and Drapes, could I please embroider on some samples.  You can't see them but the fabrics are pleated to show the different types.

And finally a whole bunch of T-shirts for the local scouts

Including a special one for the Quartermaster!


  1. You have been busy! More than half way through the year for your temperature piece. Looking forward to seeing it at some point! xx

  2. The temp piece will be great in this weather too!


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