Sunday 7 July 2019

2019 Wk 27 - Travel pouch - comments welcome!

This was inspired by a number of small handbags that I have been given or have made, but it is my own design.  I'm really pleased with it and want to make more so the instructions are here to remind me, but feel free to have a go.  (And if you do, do let me know how you get on with it!)

The pouch has a vinyl front pocket (passport or ID?) a zipped front pocket (cash ?) a big inner pockets for mobile and glasses and a back zipped pocket (for credit cards?)

I started with a piece of denim recycled from a pair of jeans (NB - dont use stretch denim next time!)  I cut it to 18 (second try I cut to 20") x 6.5"  and rounded the corners at one end (using a drinking glass).  I will later cut a piece from lining fabric, but that can wait until the denim piece is ready

I cut 1.5" off the end with original corners to make a pocket

To make the front pocket
Cut two pieces lining fabric 6.5 x 7
I used a zip that was more than 6.5" and added it to one of the pieces of cut denim and pocket (zip front to right side of denim, zip back to right side of lining)

Stitch, flip over both fabrics, finger press (because I'm lazy) and top stitch

repeat with the other piece of cut denim

To make the vinyl pocket:
Cut a piece of trimming fabric 2 x 14".  Fold in half along the length and press, then fold the long edges in to meet the pressed line and press in place.  Cut a piece of vinyl 5.5" x 7".
Slide the long edge of the vinyl into the folded opening, and stitch the trim over the vinyl.  The extra 7" will be used later, stitch along the long edge so it doesn't open

Place pins at a point 8" from the squared ends. Stitch vinyl to denim (with trim towards rounded ends)

Flip vinyl over (you could pin or clip it into place: if using pins only pin through the fabric not the vinyl)

To make the rear pocket: Cut a 4" piece of denim off the rounded ends. Insert zip as with front zip pocket

Stitch the bottom of both pockets and trim excess fabric (it was easier than trying to work out which side needed to be longer than the other!!!)

Back of denim

Front of denim

Lay the denim out flat and measure it so you can cut a piece of lining exactly the same size.

Pin, clip or tack half an inch at the squared end (wrong sides together).  I found it folded neatly around the zip (*)

Move the zipper pulls to the middle of the zip.

Hey you - at the back - yes you, the one not paying attention: MOVE THE ZIPPER PULLS TO THE MIDDLE OF THE ZIP.  Trimm off the zip ends in line with the denim.  Try *really* hard not to absentmindedly pull the zip to open or close it yet

Fold, flipping the rounded end on top of the vinyl, using the vinyl-to-denim stitching as the fold line (left below) and fold the lining the same (remember to fold down the end of the lining to match the denim (not shown).  If you flip them over they look like this

Make 2 small lengths of strap from small D rings and the excess vinyl binding earlier, or use ribbon.  If you don't have D rings you could just use the strap.

Place these at the sides, in line with the zip above the vinyl pocket: strap raw edges match the raw edges on the denim piece, and D rings and straps laying against the zip (as shown)

Now flip the lining piece onto the denim piece so the shorter sections are wrong sides together.  Check in the middle of the sandwich - the folded (maybe pinned, clipped or tacked) straight edged ends (shown in red) need to be touching and matching (*)

And breathe!!!

Now - stitch around the 3 raw edges!  No turning gap needs to be left as you created one at (*)

I was too lazy to make rounded  corners on my lining so I stitched from the denim side and trimmed the corners after.  Carefully cup into the convex curves - these will finish as concave so they need little triangles cut from the raw edge to *almost* the seam

Now find the opening with the folded (tacked, clipped or pinned?) ends, and pull the whole lot through there.  It may well need some re-adjusting but you should end up with this

Slip stitch the opening closed

I made a strap using rope folded at the end around a small lobster clasp and used embroidery thread to hold it all closed (this method) and tada!!!!

However (drat and fiddlesticks) the flap doesn't fold over enough, so the next version will have slightly longer measurements.  I'll have a go at using KAM press studs / poppers when I get a chance

And then I made another one with different pockets!


  1. Ooh I do like this. Thanks for the instructions, I’ll give it a go at the weekend

  2. Nice pouch Benta!
    I like the way you attached your rope. I used a large cord for a backpack some time ago and it was a slight problem how to fasten the rope to the bag, although I did find another way to do it.
    Barbara xx


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