Sunday 30 June 2019

2019 Wk 26 - a bit of a bodge

For our sixth (!!) wedding anniversary (in 1994!!!!) husband bought me an iron candle stick.  The arms spiral from an iron plate and it held 6 cobalt blue pots which held tealights.  I love it!  It lives in the garden

Over the years three of the blue pots have broken and some years ago Jackie and I found some glass yoghurt pots that were a good size.  We forced ourselves to eat the yogurt (!) and I glued rope around the tops to stop them falling through.  Not as pretty, but did the job

Over the last few years the rope has started falling off, so I needed a plan C

I found a pack of solar garden lights in Aldi (funnily enough the same place the yogurt pots came from)!

I pulled off the stakes and slid the lamp part into the iron ring at the top of each arm

and I have a working garden light!!!  I am delighted!!

I have done a bit of sewing too - I appliqued the final scraps of rainbow onto some spare denim, and I gathered up all the rainbow cork scraps and after a bit of playing managed to fit them into a jigsaw puzzle that gave me almost a rectangle almost the same size as the denim.  Not sure where this is going but I hope to have some inspiration soon

I've also been embroidering for the local Scout packs, and for a museum exhibition about pleats and drapes

I have plans that may see more crafting in the future - wish me luck!

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