Friday 14 June 2019

2019 Wk 24 - the last ten days

The "last ten days" in the heading has two meanings - the photos are of crafty stuff FROM the last 10 days and I have about ten days left at work (gulp!)  They have made me redundant and there isn't much work coming my way so I have been doing a bit more making than I would normally get a chance for!

I have planned the finish of my rainbow hexie flowers - not much more piecing to go, *just* assembling and quilting and binding after that!!!

Even though the weather is up and down at the moment I am sleeping under a coverlet that is just patchworked blocks quilted to a cotton sheet.  But I only made one coverlet which means I don't have one for the opposite laundry change! (This one, which I love

Anyway I wanted something sunny and bright and found this FQ pack from Jackie

I chopped it into squares and sashed it with 2.5 inch strips and in very little time I had this:

I just need to find some binding (shopping excuse!) and some time to quilt it and then I'm all set!

The Chertsey Museum class last week was paper foundation piecing.  It's difficult to teach and the fabric sort of gets pinned in place inside out upside down and back to front, but it seemed to go OK even if there wasn't much ready for a photo opportunity by the end of the class!

 A number of the ladies did bring back their bowls from last month - looking good!


  1. sorry to read about you job it does ot seem long ago that you started there. As you say plenty of time to stitch, the top looks good very cheerful. Re FPP I just cannot get my head around it at all

  2. Always lovely to see your stitching projects - so many, so varied! Love them all - but that coverlet is so sunny, it has to be perfect for spirit lifting in any season!
    Love those fabric buckets too - clearly a group of overachievers, with their lovely trims and pockets and so on! Looking great!


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